Menno Place Stories

Storytelling:  I have shot several short documentaries of staff who work in a variety of capacities at Menno Place in Abbotsford, BC. The staff have opened up and tell us about how they enjoy working at the Nursing home. These staff come from a variety of different areas –  Nursing, Maintenance, and Nutrition Support and more. Take a look as we dive into this growing world of our aging population. 

Karen in the Fireside Café

Mark in Maintenance

Teina in Housekeeping

Sheila in Recreation

 Innotech Windows & Doors

Innotech’s German engineered  windows and doors are amazing products. Here is a video created for their Lift and Slide product line. I have been working with all aspects of Innotech for over 8 years: print-work, advertisement, web design, vehicle cladding, trade-show booth design and much more.

Innotech Windows + Doors

Psychologist 1

Dr. Martin Phillips-Hing

Dr. Martin Phillips-Hing talks about several mental health concerns that can help create a better life. I helped create his brand, website and videos which talk on a number of different personal development topics.


What is Mindfulness -

Why Men Don't talk about Their Emotions -

Depression - anti-depressants -


Anabaptist Stories Series

I have been working with Kelowna First Mennonite Church to create a series of stories of Anabaptist history and personal stories.


Anabaptist Stories

Anabaptist Stories


El Salvador Documentaries

I made a trip to El Salvador in mid January 2016 along side a group of guys from Novacom and Willowtree Cabinets to document the construction of homes for folks in need. The video series I created here gives a bit of an overview of the experience there. This was an up close and personal experience that shows how we can make a direct difference in the lives of people in need. If you are interested in donating to the cause please go to GoFundMe.

El Salvador - Homes & Hope Part 1

El Salvador - Homes Part 2

Interview with an older man.