David Ediger

A bit about me and my graphic design history.

A brief history of my time as a designer and Creative Director

I have been into making marks since I can remember. Working with pencils and then paints. Each time trying to make the art better. In the last couple years of University, I realized that I really was fond of fonts and page layout. Apple shipped their Macintosh that year and I became hooked. The ability to design on screen was amazing. After working at a local printing press for a couple years I moved to Langley, British Colombia where I found a job in a small graphic design shop within a couple weeks. I worked for another design group and then a Trade Show company with in the next couple years. I realized that many of the clients were arriving to my employer looking for services that were not provided. I wanted to offer them these opportunities.

In 1994 I decided to start doing advertising development for a Stemcell company in Vancouver, this quickly brought in several other companies. After the work started coming in  I formed a partnership calling the company Axis Interactive Design. We worked hard and built up the company to include local Universities, work for the City and Township as well as several firms. In 1997 I moved Axis to a new 1600 sq foot location where we started to really get larger work from groups like Unilever, Princess Cruses, Quicken, Sega and Ekati Diamonds. Our work was focused on Multimedia work, integrating animation and graphics on CDs and DVDs. After the DotCom bust in 2002, the company had to restructure.

I worked for a couple other firms for a period of about 5 years as a Senior Design.

A couple years went by and I re-emerged as David Ediger Design, a leaner and more experienced designer having now worked with a couple other design firms, with high profile sectors including Real Estate and Health Care. At the same time I taught at Western Washington University and gave lectures at Trinity Western University. I help develop a class on web animation for University College of the Fraser Valley.

As David Ediger Design, I continue to work with a number of companies that have been with me for multiple years and now decades. The people and companies I work with are more than just clients, we are co-developers in story telling and expanding their markets. Times have changed but Marketing remains the same. The need to story tell, inform clients, to keep updating your communication through sculpted messaging that engages with your clients through ever expanding marketing worlds.

Feel free to contact me, I am interested in getting to know you and if there is a fit, we can work together to develop your corporate dreams.

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much love

David Ediger


  • Great understanding of trends in design. Looks for innovative ways to tailor messages.
  • Talented in design that spans logo design, print, animation, photography and video.
  • Web design and social media art that help your corporate communication with your clients.
  • Has worked with many industries; healthcare, financial, industrial, legal, product driven.
  • Loves developing relationships with clients to help them outperform their competition.

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