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David Ediger’s Art Work Samples

As long as I can remember I have wanted to be a good artist, painting and sketching what I see. I have been recently intrigued with the idea of replicating and reproducing old masters painting. I spent some time in France and have seen many old masters first hand, DaVinchi, Rembrant. I have also enjoyed the impressionistic painters like Monet and VanGogh. So I have decided to reproduce some of their work.

I also have started a series of what I call “Retro-Futuristic Glamour Portraits“.  I have worked with several different sketches other methods to create a series of Space Girls, Retro yet futuristic looking high contrast and vivid colour portraits. These faces are not of any specific models or people but rather an interpretation and imaginative view of them.

I hope you like them – they are for sale.

Art is a universal language, it can draw you in and tell you a full story in one glance. – – david ediger

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