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Video is today’s language. It is the modern content delivery method allowing us to share moments, emotions, audio and video. With current technology it is also relatively easy to have high end video production elements created for you, your company or organization for relatively small price.

David Ediger Design has had 15 years of experience building video for many different needs and clients. Upwards of 200 video pieces have been created.  From commercials, documentaries, product overviews, service announcements, Co-Vid 19 corporate videos and much more. You can have a video created starting at $1900. The following will show samples of these videos.

Shooting in 4K
Indoors with lighting or out doors with sunlight.
Separate audio recording gear.
Teleprompter available
Slow motion in up to 90 frames per second.
Underwater available
Edits saved for review online
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On Location Product Video Creation
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Product Design and Model Video Production

Vital Oxide Sanitizer and Cobalt Blue Fogger Video

This product kill 99.9% of viruses that get you sick. This video was shot on location in various places near Vancouver B.C. This video includes interview styled video of the main personalities of the company as well as product and location shots with voice over. A teleprompter was used to help direct the narative.

Chanvre Hemp’s Beauti Power Video

This video was shot in the Vancouver area for Chanvre Hemp. David Ediger Design created the product design and developed the 3D elements, photo shoots, product packaging, web and print elements as well as this short product video.

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Corporate Product and Manufacturing Video
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Corporate Services Video

Fentro Technologies Lift and Slide Door – High End Window and Door Design

Fentro Technologies works with Innotech Window and Doors to Fabricate German Engineered Lift and Slide Windows and Doors. These Windows and Doors are meticulously design for high end construction.

MEA Forensics – Expert Engineering Services.

MEA Forensics investigates product failure, car accidents, personal injury and other engineering elements for clients in Vancouver, Toronto and Los Angeles. The video touches on the various services they provide. This was shot in Richmond BC with elements brought in from other places. The accident scene was shot from multiple angles.

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Services and Manufacturing Video
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Corporate Workshop at the Vancouver Centre

Fraser Valley Gleaners – Soup Mix creation to give to millions in need.

Fraser Valley Gleaners is a non-profit organization in Abbotsford BC that takes vegitables from farmers that are still good but would be thrown out, with a mostly volunteer group of people from all over, take out what can’t be used and create a food mix that is then given to hungry needy people world wide. Millions of soup servings are created for distribution every year. This was my way of helping spread the word.

BEST – a large janitorial service provider administration meets to have training in Vancouver.

BEST is a very large janitorial company that also offers shredding and company file storage. In this video managerial teams gathered for a work-shop learning how to improve working skills. This was held at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Video is today’s language and is accessible to anyone with relatively low budget.

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